Monument Marathon: Following the steps of the Pioneers as participants choose from our scenic and certified full or half marathon course, or a 5K course for participants of all ages.

The Monument Marathon is downhill point-to-point course with approximately 20% on dirt roads. The moderately high elevation (3900-4600 feet) may affect some runners not acclimated to elevation as will the unpaved portions of the course. 

The course begins with a significant downhill grade for nearly five miles and flattens out as the course nears mile 13. After the halfway point, the course rises through Mitchell Pass and around Scotts Bluff National Monument. 

The remainder of the course is mostly flat with a few rolling hills. The race finishes through town. 

The course starts at 4,600 feet and finishes at 4.000 feet.

The Monument Marathon is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.