Located directly across the road from Five Rocks Amphitheater. Actual mailing address is 2200 D Street.

The 1851 trading post of Antoine Robidoux was where the Plains Indians brought their wares for trade. For the immigrant traveling the Oregon Trail, it was one of the first signs of civilization after many weeks of nothing but prairie lands. Pioneer graves as well as wagon ruts are visible along this historic route. The trading post has been reconstructed from 100-year old, hand-hewn logs on its original site.

The 23-mile route on Carter Canyon Road and back on Robidoux Road is a trip with taking. You can find it two miles south of Gering on Hwy 71, and eight miles west.

Friends of Robidoux Trading Post has been established to manage the attraction.

Information about Robidoux Pass can be found at the Scotts Bluff National Monument.

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Robidoux Pass National Historic Landmark and Trading Post Photo Gallery